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We are the Bigelow family and the owners of Bigelow Beardies! My family lives in sunny Florida with 3 kids and lots of dragons!

We always had bearded dragons growing up, but of course, life took us away from that for many years as adults. We purchased our first dragon in January of 2020 and that was all she wrote! We quickly fell in love and realized, this dragon is bonding us in a really special way and we really, REALLY love this. We started on our journey of learning all about care, morphs, genetics, quality, & breeding. Before we knew it, we were bringing in dragons every month from all over the world!

Dragons bring us so much joy, we want everyone to experience the same. We realized just how important a healthy, genetically correct animal was so we knew we had to provide nothing short of that for others. We strive to not only offer you a beautiful, healthy bearded dragon but to also always be here for you on your journey with your new pet or addition to your very own breeding program. We are always just a message away and thoroughly enjoy building relationships and making new friends!

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